ERA-NET Cofund on Personalised Medicine to Launch Second Transnational Call in January 2019

datum: 03.12.2018

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ERA PerMed is an ERA-Net Cofound Action on Personalised Medicine. It will launch its second Joint Transnational Call for Proposals to support translational research projects in the field of Personalised Medicine in January 2019.

The aim of the Call is to foster research and innovation activities building close linkages between basic biomedical research, clinical research, bioinformatics, epidemiology, socio-economic research, as well as research on the integration of Personalised Medicine into clinical practice and on ethical, legal and social implications. The overarching goal is to improve disease management, with better patient stratification, diagnostics and treatment protocols, and disease prevention.

The overall objectives of the ERA PerMed Call are to:

The available budget for this Call is approximately 30 million EUR. Proposals must be interdisciplinary and clearly demonstrate the potential impact in PM as well as the added value of transnational collaboration.

The Call is comprised of three research areas:

Each proposal must address at least one module of Research Area 3, and at least one module of Research Area 1 or 2.

Only transnational projects will be funded. Each consortium must involve at least three partners eligible for funding from three different participating countries. The maximum number of partners per pre-proposal is six. Not more than two partners may be from the same country (including those partners with own funding). A maximum of one partner with own  funding is allowed a consortia with at least three partners that are eligible for funding.

It is expected that the following countries will be participating in the Call: Austria, Belgium, Canada (Quebec), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany (Saxon), Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy (Lombardy, Tuscany), Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain (Catalonia, Navarre), Sweden and Turkey.

The Call is expected to be launched in January 2019 with a deadline for pre-proposals in March 2019.