European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases Announcement on First Call

The Call is scheduled to open od 14 December 2018 with a deadline of 14 February 2019 for submission of pre-proposals.

datum: 30.11.2018

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The European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases (EJP RD) has been established to help in coordinating the research efforts of European, Associated and non-European countries in the field of rare diseases and to implement the objectives of the International Rare Disease Research Consortium (IRDiRC). It continues the efforts of the ERA-Net E-rare, which successfully implemented ten Joint Transnational Calls for rare disease projects from 2006 to 2018.

The Programme has now published a pre-announcement of its First Joint Transnational Call for research projects to accelerate diagnosis and/or explore disease progression and mechanisms of rare diseases.

Transnational research proposals must cover at least one of the following areas, which are equal in relevance for this Call:

Research to accelerate diagnosis, eg.:

Research to explore disease progression and mechanisms, eg:

Project should involve a group of rare diseases or a single rare disease following the European definition ie a disease affecting not more than five in 10.000 persons in the European Community, EC associated states and Canada. Applicants are encouraged to assemble groups of rare diseases based on solid criteria and commonalities if this leverages added value in sharing resources or expertise and has the capacity to elucidate common disease mechanisms and therapeutic targets.

Research projects submitted within this Call must be based on novel ideas stemming from consolidated previous results or preliminary data and must be clearly endowed with benefit for the patients.

Proposals should be submitted by consortia involving a minimum of four and a maximum of six eligible partners from at least four different countries participating in the Call. Proposals may be submitted by research teams working in universitites, other higher education institutions or research institutes; hospitals/public health and/or other health care settings and health organisations; enterprise; or patient advocacy organisations. The inclusion of patient advocacy organisations in proposals is highly recommended.

The following funding organisations are expected to participate in the Call:

The Call is scheduled to open od 14 December 2018 with a deadline of 14 February 2019 for submission of pre-proposals.

Selected consortia will be invited to submit a full proposal by early May 2019 (the indicative deadline for full proposals is 11 June 2019).