EU-Japan Centre Minerva Fellowship Programme Open to Applications

The EU - Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation offers a six month in-house fellowship scheme in Japan, designed to support its research and policy analysis of EU-Japan economic and industrial issues.

datum: 17.10.2017

kategorija: novice


Research Fellows undertake research work on a selected priority topic of the Centre, which should result in a consistent policy report (70-100 pages), to be owned by the Centre. Apart from research on a pre-determined topic, the Research Fellow will be expected to support the daily analytical activities of the Centre, including media monitoring, policy briefings, seminar reports, etc.

The horizontal topics for the first 2018 session are as follows:

  1. Potential opportunities for EU firms in the Japanese Public Finance Initiatives and Public-Private Partnerships for infrastructure projects.
  2. Analysis of the EU corporate demand for technology transfer opportunities from Japanese SMEs, academia and research organizations.

The industry-specific topics for this session are as follows:

  1. Latest aspects on the Regulatory procedures in Japan for innovative medicines and medical devices.
  2. Leather and footwear market in Japan. EPA-related opportunities for EU companies.
  3. Organic sector in Japan – how to change the current regulatory and market setting in order to allow growth of the sector and improved market access and business opportunities for European companies.
  4. Industrial and R&D cooperation potential with Japan in the space and GNSS based navigation and – an Opportunity Analysis for EU SMEs to cooperate with Japan.
  5. Automated driving - trends and developments in Japan; companies and their strategies; trials; issues; European companies in Japan and their activities in the area, future prospects.
  6. Dairy Sector in Japan – market Access and Business Opportunities for European Companies (SMEs in particular).
  7. 3D Printing in Japan – Technological Cooperation and Business Opportunities for European companies (SMEs in particular).
  8. Impact analysis of best practice of social media tools + services in Japan, as a means to better support European SMEs marketing strategies in Japan.

Candidates must be citizens of an EU Member-State or a COSME Third Country or Japan. They must be professionals (trade and economic analysts, academics, scientists, civil servants) with a proven interest in EU-Japan cooperation from multiple perspectives (trade/market access, industrial policy issues, R&D, etc). Minimum requirements for applicants are EU/COSME or Japanese citizenship, university degree, strong interest and motivation in Japan and EU-Japan relations.

The fellowship is worth €1,700-€2,000 per month (paid in JPY) and covers a period of six months. Fellowships are expected to cover basic daily expenses and accommodation in Tokyo. A Research Fellow selected from outside Japan, will receive an additional travel subsidy of up to €1,000.

The deadline for applications to the first 2018 slot (April-September) is 15 December 2017.

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