Razpis: Collaborative Awards

Supports multidisciplinary and multi-participant projects relevant to the Foundation's research priorities. Funds may be used for interdisciplinary discussions or to launch interdisciplinary research networks or to fund communities of researchers to develop new methods, tools and applications of basic research to applied problems. The work may be undertaken in any country.

datum: 22.09.2017

kategorija: novice


Financer: James S. McDonnell Foundation

Upravičenost kandidatov: glavnega prijavitelja mora podpreti neprofitna organizacija, geografska lokacija ni pomembna

Vrednost projekta: odvisno glede na področje in število raziskovalcev

Rok za prijavo: ni določen

Prijava: več informacij tukaj


Aerospace pioneer James S. McDonnell established the Foundation in 1950 in Saint Louis to improve the quality of life by contributing to a generation of new knowledge through its support of research and scholarships. Renamed the James S. McDonnell Foundation (JSMF) in 1984 in honour of its founder, the Foundation has pursued its goals by supporting scientific, educational and charitable causes locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Foundation continues to pursue the vision of the late founder through the 21st Century Science Initiative, established in 2000. By supporting scholarly pursuits in fields such as human cognition and complex systems, the Foundations continues to seek out scholarly fields that hold promise and potential for future generations.

JSMF believes that private philanthropic support for science is most effective when it invests in the acquistion of new knowledge and in the responsible application of knowledge for solving the real world problems. Projects supported through the 21st Century Science Initiative are expected to meet highly selective intellectual standards.

The JSMF Collaborative Awards aims to:

The focus of the collaborative activity must meet the programme guidelines for one of the following research areas:

Preference will be given to multi-institutional collaborative proposals. The funding period is flexible.

Value Notes

There is no specified upper or lower award limit.

Applications may include a line item requesting up to 10 % of the total costs of the collaborative subcontract budgets to help defray the administrative costs of managing the collaborative activity award and the subcontracts.


Collaborative awards will not be awarded in support of large, project-type research proposals.

Indirect costs are not funded.

Student tuition costs are not eligible for funding.

Terms and Conditions

The institution of the lead applicant must agree to administer the award and to waive all indirect and administrative costs.

JSMF has a "once-every-three-years" eligibility policy: qualified institutions that submit an application on behalf of a particular researcher to JSMF programmes can only submit one application every three years on behalf of the named researcher. If a researcher submits a letter of inquiry to the Collaborative Active Award (eg 2015) and the proposal is not funded, the next period of eligibility for that particular investigator and the proposal would begin three years later (ie 2018).

The award will depend upon the scope of the proposal and the number of people involved.