Razpis: Prevention Beyond the Pipeline

Funding to support prevention drug discovery in relation to Alzheimer's disease, with a focus on areas and approaches which are not currently covered by ADDF and other funders.

datum: 20.09.2017

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Slika_klinična študija

Financer: Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation

Največja vrednost projekta: 1.500.000,00 EUR za klinične študije, 150.000,00 - 600.000,00 za predklinične, 50.000,00 - 100.000,00 za epidemiološke analize

Upravičenost kandidatov: javne in zasebne pravne osebe, profitne in neprofitne organizacije, vključno z akademskimi ustanovami in biotehnološkimi podjetji, ne glede na lokacijo

Rok za prijavo: 17. 11. 2017

Prijava: preko portala za prijavo


Founded in 1998 by co-chairman Leonard A. and Ronald S. Lauder, the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) provides funding to leading scientists who are conducting the most promising and innovative Alzheimer's drug research worldwide.

The ADDF aims to plug the translational funding gap between basic research and later stage  drug development by funding promising preclinical drug discovery and biomarker development programmes relevant to Alzheimer's diseas, other dementias and cognitive ageing.

The ADDF's Prevention Beyond the Pipeline programme seeks to support Alzheimer's prevention drug discovery not covered by most research funders or current ADDF requests for proposals. ADDF's current priority areas for prevention drug research are:

Value Notes

ADDF grants are generally awarded for periods of one to two years, with the potential for further funding contingent on the meeting of agreed targets. Where the proposed undertaking justifies a longer research timeframe, multi-year proposals may be considered.

Budgets must be justified by the scientific work plan.


The following costs are not covered:

Terms and Conditions

Full proposals will be reviewed by ADDF scientific staff and at least two members of the ADDF Scientific Review Board. The reviewers will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

For Preclinical Studies:

For Clinical and Biomarker Studies:

Teams and Resources: Interdisciplinary teams across the fields of biology, medicinal chemistry, bioinformatics, pharmacology, toxicology, regulatory, intellectual property and clinical development are higly valued. The following will be considered when reviewing the investigative team and resources: