Slovenian Innovation Hub (SIH) acts as the European Economic Interest Grouping, connecting academic excellence and creative minds for innovative ideas in business, science and Slovenian society. It endorses breakthrough technologies, provides resources and creates a necessary critical mass for adressing global challenges.

Slovenia is a strong innovator at a European level. Its strengths are highly educated, talented and creative people, stable investments in research and development and an innovation friendly environment with high quality of life.

Partners in the Slovenian Innovation Hub from academia, business, research, public sector, NGO's co-create state-of-the-art business models, collaborate with world class experts and help find the most suitable research, business or financial partners worldwide. This enables "Multihelix" members of the SIH pursuing excellent research, technological and business advancement.

The Hub is an association of ambitious, smart and capable players who wish to advance further their competencies by sharing best practices, global networks, continuously learn and discover new horizons. Our members' aim is to achieve long-term success with their professional environment and advance Slovenia, Europe and global societies with new discoveries, products, services and advanced technologies in many fields and disciplines including in medicine and health care.