dr. Alenka Rožaj Brvar, MBA

ARB portret

Assuming the new function of Director of SIH I wish to continue the work as being designed by the past director and initiator professor dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik. I see SIH EEIG  as specific institution connecting academia with the business, in order to commercialize on the knowledge. SIH EEIG with its partners needs to contribute to the better support for innovation environment in Slovenia by influencing the decissionmakers and financial institutions. SIH represents the interests of innovative sphere as a whole and thus contributes to the breakthrough in development in Slovenia.

I have spent most of my professional life in business, that is why I am very well aware that mutual trust and respect are the prerequisites for successful cooperation and colaboration.

As long as everything works as planned, reaching strategic goals and common interests seems simple and easy. When the difficulties arise, a lot of persistance, courrage, honesty and openness is needed. For honest and sincere partners,  investing their positive energy and enough time,  success is inevitable.

SIH  can play a major role by connecting the promising, yet fragmented potentials in order to build the critical mass, so that Slovenia becomes recognized as innovative country faster, connected with the world class in creating new products and services. We are offering to our partners co-creation of new business models,  collaboration with world class experts, finding the most suitable research, business or financial partners worldwide. Doing that, we will encourage our partners to pursue research excellence, technological excellence and business excellence. The Hub is an association of excellent, capable and ambitious players, who wish to further  build on their competencies by sharing best practice and continuous learning; all of these endevours lead to  longterm success in their professional environment.

By creation of the environment that promotes better mutual understanding and fruitful collaboration – as an example writing the project proposal FIT4AGE, where the partners were mushrooming on their own and wanted to contribute – we want to rise the bar and open new perspectives, especially for the young, so that we can help in creating new companies and new workplaces in lines of business with high value added.