Health, Medicine & Circular Economy - Expertise Exchange Meeting in Slovenia

8th - 10th October, Ljubljana, Slovenia

date: 03.08.2018

category: news


Dear colleagues,

it is our pleasure to invite you to The Expertise Exchange Meeting to be held in Ljubljana 8 - 10 October 2018. The objective of the meeting is to facilitate partnering, collaborations and investments in health, medicine, and life science technologies between regional experts and partners of Twins' International Multihelix, or in short TIM:

Meeting sessions will demonstrate regional expertise, best practices and different collaborative pathways in the field of health, medicine and circular economy.

The meeting will be hosted by the Slovenian Innovation Hub which acts as the European Economic Interest Grouping. These three days are an opportunity to meet, confer and learn from professional colleagues who are researching, developing, educating and manufacturing in the field of health, medicine and life science technologies to collaborate internationally to prosper regionally.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ljubljana.

Download your programme here and the list of members of the Strategic Research Innovation Partnership in Health - Medicine in Slovenia.